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Make it easier for people to find, follow and subscribe.

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Popular Features

It is not just links...

Your Bio, Social links and Stats

Let people easily discover you and your links to your social accounts and content. Find out how many times your Profile has been viewed and your links clicked.

BioDrop screenshot of the bio and social links in example profileBioDrop screenshot of the bio and social links in example profile

Search by Tags

Search Profiles not just by name but also by tags. This is a great way to connect with people and grow your network.

BioDrop screenshot of search page using tags for searching profiles.BioDrop screenshot of search page using tags for searching profiles.

QR code

Make it easier to share your Profile when you meet people with your unique QR code.

BioDrop screenshot of a QR code exampleBioDrop screenshot of a QR code example

Statistics / Reporting

View details of your BioDrop profile, with views, url clicks, referrer, geo location and daily link clicks.

BioDrop screenshot of account statistics pageBioDrop screenshot of account statistics page


Demonstrate the highlights of your career by adding Milestones to your Profile.

BioDrop screenshot of milestones section of an example profileBioDrop screenshot of milestones section of an example profile


Add your Events to your Profile and see all events added by BioDrop users to a Community events page.

BioDrop screenshot of community events section in the Community Section tabBioDrop screenshot of community events section in the Community Section tab

User Map

Discover people around the World from the BioDrop Map.

BioDrop screenshot of Map PageBioDrop screenshot of Map Page

GitHub Repositories (repos)

Add your GitHub repos to your Profile and they will also appear on the Community Repos page.

BioDrop screenshot of Repo PageBioDrop screenshot of Repo Page
Full Feature list

Profile Overview

Profile picture for GitHub user "loftwah"


Dean Lofts

DevOps Engineer, Proompter and a big fan of Open Source. L̴̥͍͒̍̑̓̂͛ỏ̵̤̱̭̱͚̽͌͊͠ḟ̴̞͉̲͈͙̻̊̋͜͠t̷̠̯̘͒̈́̈́w̴̧̲̩̫̉̌͂a̴̰̦̤̻̠̾͆̄̇͛ḧ̷̨̬̱̖͍́


What people are saying about BioDrop...

“I had another similar (paid) service. I tried BioDrop for a week and I got almost double the clicks on the links in the same period, redirecting from the same link. I decided to start using it regularly. I am very satisfied. It's not just a list of links but it's backed by a great Open Source community”

Profile picture for Francesco Ciulla
Francesco Ciulla (@FrancescoXX)
Developer Advocate at, Docker Captain, Public Speaker, Community Builder

“Where BioDrop really stands out is the ability to make meaningful connections and find collaborators due to thoughtful features that are not simply about chasing ways to build your audience. The fact that it's also Open Source really makes it the tool I was waiting for in this space.”

Profile picture for Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin (@amandamartin-dev)
Developer Advocate | Always Curious | Always Silly

“BioDrop is very close to me because I have seen it evolve. With BioDrop, I have discovered so many amazing people in tech. Some of my favorite features are the barcode for profiles and testimonials. If you are reading this and don't have a profile, I highly recommend doing that. Thank you, Eddie and EddieHub community, for building this incredible app.”

Profile picture for Pradumna Saraf
Pradumna Saraf (@Pradumnasaraf)
Developer Advocate 🥑 | DevOps | Golang Developer | EddieHub Ambassador

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