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Christine Belzie (she/her)

Technical Writer | Open Source Enthusiast | Oxford Comma Disciple


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    LinksHub aims to provide developers with access to a wide range of free resources and tools that they can use in their work. These resources include links to free software, libraries, frameworks, and other tools that can be used to build and deploy applications and websites.


  • 10K Views on Hashnode


    My blog, ChrissyCodes reached 10K views!

  • Reaching 10K views within two weeks


    On October 19th, I published an article, "How to Collaborate on Pull Requests for Beginners" to OpenSauced's blog. By Oct 27th, it reached 10K views on

  • Becoming a Maintainer


    After contributing to OpenSauced and using their Chrome for seven months, I've become one of the community maintainers for their guestbook, documentation, and pizza-verse repos. Whether reviewing an entry on Hawaiian pizza or an update to the documentation, it's been an honor helping people start their journey in open source.

  • 350 stars on GitHub


    For the past three months, I have been participating in as a GirlScript Summer of Code Co-Project Administrator for LinksHub, a website that is dedicated to providing people with free resources to help them learn and/or improve their tech skills.

  • Reached 100 followers on Open Source Queens


    I decided to start this group on after noticing that women and non-binary in the open source community were not be acknowledged for their contributions

  • Winner of CoCode's February Blog-A-Thon

    March 2023

    For this event, I wrote about how developers can increase their productivity during the DevOps process.

  • FreeCodeCamp Top Contributor 2023

    June 2023

    I was picked as one of the Top Contributors for 2023 at FreeCodeCamp

  • Article posted on the Open Source Squad on

    Feburary 2023

    For this event, I wrote about how developers can increase their productivity during the DevOps process.

  • Accepted into FreeCodeCamp's Writing Team

    April 2023

    I was picked out of a small percentage of applicants for writing engaging and humorous posts

  • Reached 100 followers on my blog

    April 2023

    After achieving my goal of 50 followers and joining Twitter in January, I set a goal to reach 100 followers by mid-2023. After months of consistently writing, I achieved it! 😊



    Grateful for Christine's help in welcoming me to the open-source community


    I just wanted to thank Christine for her tremendous help and support in my introduction to open-source software. She was a fantastic mentor and ensured I had everything I needed to get started and feel welcome in the community. Her patience and kindness meant a lot to me. Thank you for being such a fantastic support and making me feel like a valuable part of the open-source community. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

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