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Akshat Shukla

As An enthusiastic tech aficionado, I am constantly fueled by my passion to explore and discover!!


    Future Goals
    • Become a DevRel


      I want to become a Developer Advocate 🥑 for an Open Source company or projects which come under the CNCF ecosystem

    • Speak and attend international conferences


      I want to speak and attend international conferences to share my knowledge and learn from others

    • Write atleast 10 blog at 2023 at Medium/Hashnode


      I want to right blogs because it increase understanding about certain topics

    • Complete webdev with atleast one framework


      I want to built exciting websites and want to help learning others

    • Competetive programming till **DSA**


      It will help me to get basic understanding and concept building

    • contribute at atleast 5 opensource projects


      It will help me to get into the world of Opensource

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