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Community Resources

To add community resources, please follow the steps below:

  1. Put the json as shown in the example in the config/community-resources.json file.

These are from pairing sessions or creating content for example github repos, blogs, videos, livestreams etc (not Twitter).


PAIRING on Discord

  "username": "stevenovak123",
  "name": "Steve Dsouza",
  "contribution": "Pair programmed on Discord",
  "date": "2022/10/22",
  "resource": {
    "name": "#2060",
    "url": ""

YouTube (or blog)

  "username": "eddiejaoude",
  "name": "Eddie Jaoude",
  "contribution": "YouTube",
  "date": "2022/10/22",
  "resource": {
    "name": "Contributing Open Source",
    "url": ""


Kim McMahonYoutube2023/07/13I was introduced to this new tool: BioDrop
Dean LoftsBlog2023/07/11Maximising Your Job Prospects in Tech with BioDrop
Ananya NayakBlog2023/03/28How to understand a big codebase???
Amanda MartinLivestream2023/03/16Combining the roles of Developer Advocate and Open Source Ambassador
Madhu SainiBlog2023/03/12Beyond Code: A Beginner's Guide to Open Source
RohitBlog2023/03/01Beyond Code: How Anyone Can Contribute to Open-Source Projects
Ananya NayakBlog2023/02/05Ananya in Open Source Wonderland
Bilal KhanBlog2023/01/21How to create a BioDrop account? [Part 1]
Bilal KhanYouTube2023/01/18Submitting My First PR with Dean - BioDrop Account Creation for Beginners
Jaynarayan vaishnavPair programmed on Discord2022/10/31#2079
Christine BelziePair programmed on Discord2022/10/29#2060