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Automated Tests

We use Playwright for writing automated end to end (e2e) tests.

Dev environment variations

Gitpod: Skip to step 3

Docker: Start docker for mongo only with the command docker compose -f mongo-compose.yml up then continue in a second terminal window with steps 1-3.

  1. Install dependencies with npm ci
  2. Install Playwright dependencies npx playwright install --with-deps
  3. Run tests npm run test (Note: if you would like to run a single test, include the name of the file in your command npm run test my-test.js
npm run test
> BioDrop@1.0.0 test
> npx playwright test
Running 18 tests using 4 workers
  10 skipped
  8 passed (13s)
To open last HTML report run:
  npx playwright show-report