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We use Storybook to display what React components are available to use within our project. This also gives you the opportunity to play with the components' functionality and data it displays.

The deployed version is available here

To see what components are available locally and contribute, do the following steps...

  1. npm run storybook
  2. navigate to http://localhost:6006

note: not all components have been added, this is a great way to contribute to our project

Updating BioDrop's Storybooks' components

  1. Create a story file in stories/components with the same filename as the component but append .stories.js to the filename
  2. Import the component into the story file, see the existing example
  3. Set the default arguments by looking at the requirements from the component itself
  4. Run npm run storybook to see the added components and visit http://localhost:6006 to interact with them in the browser