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Events - with JSON

Whether you are hosting or attending events, let people know what you are up to by adding these to your Profile.

Note: This guide helps you add an Event where you already have a Profile (created with JSON or through Forms).

Example of BioDrop Profile events

All future events also appear on the Events page for the app.

Example of BioDrop events

Add Event

  1. Create a folder that matches your GitHub username in the data directory and then in that folder create another folder called events.
    For example: data/eddiejaoude/events/

  2. In your folder add a json file with any name you like. We recommend putting the date first and then appending it with the event name. For example: 2023-09-13-javascript-conference.json.

If you need help on how to edit this file, please see the Editing Guide

  1. This json file will contain one object for the event and must have these six fields: isVirtual and/or isInPerson, name, description, date, url, and location (this field will be required only when isInPerson is true). It can also optionally include other fields. For instance: userStatus & speakingTopic. It will look like this:
  "isVirtual": true,
  "isInPerson": true,
  "name": "Open Source GitHub reviews",
  "description": "In this livestream I will be going reviewing your **Open Source projects** and profiles! I will be joined by **Amanda**, a Developer Advocate.",
  "date": {
    "start": "2022-12-09T16:00:00.000+00:00",
    "end": "2022-12-09T17:00:00.000+00:00",
    "cfpClose": "2022-10-09T17:00:00.000+00:00"
  "url": "",
  "price": {
    "startingFrom": 0
  "location": {
    "road": "Messe Berlin South Entrance & CityCube",
    "city": "Jafféstrasse",
    "state": "Berlin",
    "country": "Germany"
  "userStatus": "speaking",
  "speakingTopic": "Open Source"
isVirtual / isInPersontrueIs the event virtual or in person or both
nametrueName of the event
descriptiontrueMore details about the event, this can include markdown
datetrueStart and end date plus time of the event
urltrueWhere can people learn more about the event
cfpClosefalseThe date of when the CFP to submit a talk closes
locationtrue/falseAddress of the event venue (required only when isInPerson is true)
userStatusfalseWhat your role is at the event
speakingTopicfalseThe topic of the event
pricefalseWhat is the cost to attend event in USD.
Location propertyRequiredDescription
roadfalseIn which road, the event is hosting
cityfalseIn which city, the event is hosting
statefalseIn which state, the event is hosting
countryfalseIn which country, the event is hosting
  1. Now you can commit your file and create a Pull Request. For more details please see Editing Guide