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Kai (C.Monster) (he/him)

TechLead at @waterbustech | Passionate about @flutter @google @aws @webrtc @jitsi | Open-Source Enthusiast


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    Built on the latest WebRTC Chromium. Waterbus, an SFU-powered video meeting app, offers robust support for a wide range of popular codecs. Seamless communication, secure collaboration, end-to-end encryption for multiple participants. Optimize your meetings with Waterbus.

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    Compose ChatGPT Kotlin - Android Chatbot using Kotlin + Jetpack Compose + Coroutine + MVVM + Retrofit2 + OpenAI's GPT-3 API. Allow stream response from ChatGPT API.

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    Analog clock built with Flutter. Simple, elegant and customizable. Enhance your app with this beautiful clock widget.

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    WebRTC Chromium Open Source and integrate RNNoise. Codecs supported: AV1, VP8, VP9, H264, H265.

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