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Dean Lofts

DevOps Engineer, Proompter and a big fan of Open Source. L̴̥͍͒̍̑̓̂͛ỏ̵̤̱̭̱͚̽͌͊͠ḟ̴̞͉̲͈͙̻̊̋͜͠t̷̠̯̘͒̈́̈́w̴̧̲̩̫̉̌͂a̴̰̦̤̻̠̾͆̄̇͛ḧ̷̨̬̱̖͍́



  • Produced Bluntfield - DieYet?


    Made the beat for Bluntfield - DieYet?

  • Produced and released OptiMystic - Take 'Em Underground


    I wrote music and produced part of this album with OptiMystic

  • Crossed 1K followers on GitHub


    I have reached 1000 followers on GitHub.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional


    Earners of this certification have an extensive understanding of designing technical strategies to accomplish specific business goals. They demonstrated the ability to balance best practices and trade-offs based on business context. Badge owners are able to design solutions across multiple platforms and providers.

  • Became an EddieHub 0.2 Ambassador


    I accepted the role as EddieHub Ambassador 0.2

  • Received my first GitHub Sponsor


    I received my first sponsorship on GitHub Sponsors

  • Discovered EddieHub and joined LinkFree


    I taught myself to code, discovered EddieHub and joined LinkFree

  • Released my first solo album called The Beat Down


    I released my first solo album which is a collection of beats of mine from a beat battle

  • Released an album as a member of the Hip Hop group Protektahz


    I wrote the music and produced this album with Protektahz

  • Produced and released OptiMystic - Salty Waterz 2


    I wrote the music and produced this album with OptiMystic

  • Produced and released OptiMystic - Salty Waterz


    I wrote the music and produced this album with OptiMystic

  • Produced and released OptiMystic - Day of the Guiding Light


    I wrote the music and produced this double album with OptiMystic

  • Received the Australian Defence Medal


    Was awarded the Australian Defence Medal for my service in the Royal Australian Navy

  • Produced and released my first album JR. - Such Iz Life


    I wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and helped master this album with JR.

  • Received the Iraq Medal


    Was awarded the Iraq Medal for my service in Iraq as part of Operation Catalyst

  • Received the Australian Active Service Medal


    Was awarded the Australian Active Service Medal for my service in an active warzone as part of Operation Catalyst



    DevOps Engineer and Music Producer


    Dean Lofts, or Loftwah the Beatsmiff as he's known in the Twitter and music world, is an incredibly talented and dedicated professional. As a DevOps Engineer, he has a deep understanding of how to build and maintain large-scale systems, and his passion for open-source projects is evident in his contributions to the LinkFree platform. Additionally, as a music producer, Dean is extremely creative and brings a unique perspective to his work. His recently published book, "Linux for Pirates," is a testament to his expertise and willingness to share his knowledge with others. I highly recommend Dean for any project that requires a skilled, enthusiastic, and helpful team member.




    I had the pleasure of meeting Dean in EddieHub. He’s always enthusiastic about coding and receptive to other’s ideas in group projects, which is very motivating for new coder like myself.


    Super supportive


    It is awesome to see Dean support so many people in the community! Especially now this is being documented and content is being created on these collaborations, so we can all learn from the collabs even though we are in different timezones


    Dedicated & Knowledgeable


    I found Dean on Twitter and I would say he is an amazing person who provides valuable information to the community. I really like how helpful and dedicated he is. He is committed to sharing his knowledge and helping the tech community grow. I am really blessed that I found him and currently working with him.


    DevOps Wizard 🪄


    Dean Lofts is a true wizard in the world of DevOps! Not only are they an expert in their field, but they also have a huge passion for open source. They have been extremely helpful and supportive to me and the entire EddieHub community. They are truly a delight to work with and I feel so lucky to be in a common community with them. I send them all my love and appreciation


    Helpful, Super Supportive and Best DevOps Wiz!


    As a fellow DevOps enthusiast, I can attest to the fact that Dean Lofts truly is a wizard in the world of DevOps. Their expertise and knowledge in the field is unmatched and their passion for open source is truly inspiring. And to top it all off, Dean Lofts is also an incredible musician! Their musical talent is a true testament to their creative art. I love their music and Highly suggest everyone to check it out. I Highly recommend Dean for anyone looking for a talented DevOps expert and a true musician. Their Passion and Dedication to their work is truly unmatched.


    Go to Dev-ops person <3


    Dean is the go-to guy for anything dev-ops I absolutely love the book that they wrote named linux for pirates (Check it out on github). It is always a pleasant time to interact with them on discord.

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