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Open Source Roadmap: Checks

Now you found a project, what next? You need to check it is friendly.

Insights tab

On the top tab, go to Insights, then scroll down the left side to go to Community. Check if they have a code of conduct and a contributing guide.

Closed Pull Requests

A great way to gauge how friendly a project is, is to look at their their closed Pull Requests.

You can find the closed Pull Requests by going to the Pull Request tab along the top, then clicking on the closed button. The list will contain merged (accepted) and closed (reject) Pull Requests. The Pull Requests with the red icon have been closed and reject, click on some of those and read the reasons why, are they friendly?

Are they friendly and supportive? Or are they rude and dismissive? If they are rude and dismissive, then you should avoid this project and go back a step to continue searching. If they are friendly and supportive, then you should continue to the next step.

Recommended Open Source projects

Here are some established, activity and supportive Open Source projects you can join today.

  • BioDrop: This repository is super active and has a great community. With a variety of issues to work on, you can find something that interests you.
  • Appwrite: A community first project, with a great community and a variety of issues to work on.