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Open Source Roadmap

  • Step 1

    What do all these weird terms from Git + GitHub mean? For example: fork, branch, clone, pull request, etc.

  • What is Open Source and why you should care? It is not just about code! It can really help you accelerate your career.

  • Step 3

    How to find good projects? There are a lot of projects out there, but how do you find the right one for you?

  • Check the repo wants contributions and is a friendly project.

  • All projects need improvements, this is where you can get involved. Read the contributing guide as this is probably the 2nd most important file in the repo, right after the README.

  • How to contribute to Open Source? There are a lot of ways to contribute to Open Source, but how do you get started? Here we will use GitHub but not Git.

  • You will need to eventually run the project locally to test your changes. You will need to use Git for this.

  • It doesn't stop there! You can become a maintainer.