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How much does it cost to use BioDrop?

It is completely free to use BioDrop.

Is it all Open Source?

Yes, BioDrop is 100% open source. You can utilize our hosted version of BioDrop to enhance the discoverability of your profile.

Does this count towards Hacktoberfest?

See Hacktoberfest page.

My Profile is not showing

Please allow the maintainers time to review and merge your Pull Request, this can take a few days.

Once your Pull Request is merged it is deployed automatically. The deployment can take about 5mins after being merged.

If your Profile is not visible after merging, please contact the maintainers in the BioDrop GitHub Discussions repo.

My question is not answered by the FAQs/Where can I start a discussion about a feature or idea for BioDrop?

BioDrop uses GitHub Discussions to have community conversations about anything related to the BioDrop project that does not fit into an issue.

An example of a GitHub Discussion could be: proposing an idea for BioDrop that isn't ready for issue creation yet because it needs more details and input from the community.

Take a look at the Discussions and join the conversation