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Wonderfully Helpful and Amazing


Krish is a very polite person who strives when helping others, and is generally a wonderful and amazing human being. :) A huge part of the EddieHub Community and the Open Source World.


Most Enthusiastic and Amazing Person!!


I meet Krish at 4C community, He's the most enthusiastic, always ready for challenges, always active in community, speaking and building stuff together. He's not only an awesome developer but one of the most inspiring person too. I love this contributions and supportive nature!!


Super supportive


Krish is full of energy and always has many ideas! Plus Krish always supports everyone.


Enthusiastic and friendly programmer


Krish is an enthusiastic and friendly programmer who has positively impacted the EddieHub community. His passion for programming and willingness to help others has made him a valuable team member. Whether answering questions, providing feedback, or sharing his knowledge, Krish always goes above and beyond to ensure everyone feels welcome and supported. His positive attitude and friendly demeanour make him a joy to work with, and I do not doubt that he will continue to be a valuable asset to the community for years to come.


Amazing, Helpful and Energetic!


Krish is an outstanding individual who truly cares about the growth and development of those around him. His exceptional intelligence and vast knowledge makes him a valuable resource for anyone seeking to learn and improve. What sets Krish apart is his unique ability to not only share his expertise, but to also encourage and motivate others to reach their full potential. He creates a supportive environment where everyone can feel comfortable growing and learning together.


Best Collaborator Of All Time


Krish is such an amazing Developer and Developer Advocate with excellent skills and abilities. I've gotten the privilege of working with Krish on the 4c website and I must say that it was cos of him that we have such an amazing directory structure on the 4c's repo now. Working with him, I learned a lot working with him as a developer myself and he really showed me new paradigms and more optimal ways to achieve stuff working with him.

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